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Spalding Phonograms

A phonogram is a letter, or group of letters, that represents a specific sound. Learning, memorizing, and understanding the 70 phonograms is a very important part of the reading process. These 70 phonograms are building blocks that provide the foundation for the more complex components of the reading process, such as decoding, writing, and spelling.

If you would like to practice the 70 phonograms at home with your child, which we highly recommend, please  utilize the resources below which include a complete phonogram video, websites, and printable phonogram flashcards. For your convenience,  we also have hard copies of the Phonogram DVD available for purchase for only $5. 

Phonogram DVD- Windows Media Player Format

Phonogram Page

Printable Phonogram Flashcards:

Spalding Phonograms Mini Cards- Kindergarten

Spalding Phonograms Mini Cards- 1st Grade 

Phonograms- Part 1

Phonograms- Part 2